Update on the Evolution of comScore Media Metrix 360

It’s been nearly seven months since comScore first announced the introduction of Media Metrix 360, our new panel-centric Unified Measurement of digital audiences.

Our stated premise behind this initiative was to bring the digital media industry a solution which integrates server-side web analytics which do a good job of measuring total page views (if properly filtered for non user-requested traffic and counted correctly as one beacon per page) and panel-based audience measurement which provides insights into the behavior of individual people, as opposed to cookies or machines.

The response to this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, as evidenced by the high level of participation among top publishers–approximately 75% of the top 50 publishers in the U.S. are either fully reportable under this new methodology or in the process of doing so–as well as the reaction we’ve gotten from agencies and other industry stakeholders.

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