Sprint: Should It Buy the Rest of Clearwire? And Could It?

The hottest thing going at Sprint (S) right now is the company’s 4G WiMax service, which has it running way out in front of the 4G services using LTE technology coming next year or later from Verizon Wireless (VZ) and AT&T (T). But Sprint is really just a reseller here: the service is actually coming from Clearwire (CLWR), which as it happens is owned about 57 percent by Sprint.

So, should they by the other 43 percent?

TownHall Investment Research analyst Gerard Hallaren raises that question in a research note today. Hallaren reports that Sprint management made a comment that led some investor to conclude that Sprint is actively considering buying the rest of Clearwire. “As best we can tell, the speculation is based on a perceived desire by Sprint to control its own destiny by owning its 4G network and on synergies created by combining the two companies,” he writes.

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