Here’s How That $65 Apple iPad DODOcase Is Made (Plus a Look at the New Kindle Cover)

Owners of the Apple iPad are usually looking for a case with a certain analog aesthetic–and, as it turns out, they are willing to pay for it.

Thus, the San Francisco-based makers of DODOcase have managed to sell tens of thousands of their pricey $55 to $65 cases. For many, the signature black faux-leather cover and elastic band give the hard-edged iPad an old-world tangibility and bespoke countenance, looking like–as it does–the famous Moleskine notebook that hipsters favor.

Today, the cult-popular business is releasing its second product, an Amazon Kindle-size DODOcase that wraps the plastic e-reader in its signature book-like binding.

Founders Patrick Buckley (the maker guy) and Craig Dalton (the business guy) have spent the last seven months tweaking the product and building the brand. But they took some time to give us a look into their Dogpatch manufacturing facility, which doubles as an actual book bindery, to see exactly what goes into the product.

As it turns out, the main ingredient is time.